Leadership Unpacked

I’ve been digging into leadership a lot recently. What does it look like? How can I do it well?

I’ve always seen the value of leadership, as well as the challenges of leadership.
Leadership runs through my bones, and yet I’ve never purposefully learned about it or done much to improve.
That’s changing now.

I think there are lots of women like me. Women who want to lead, take a new path and call others to join, but fear holds us back. Tell me if you’ve had any of these thoughts:

– I’m no EXPERT, so I can’t be a leader.
– I mess up sometimes, so I can’t be a leader.
– What if no one follows me?
– I’m nothing special.

Very few of us feel comfortable standing up and saying “I can lead you somewhere! Follow me!”. However, I had an insight recently as I was reading The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership: Leadership isn’t about being an expert or the best or better than anyone else, leadership is simply having the guts to go out and gather information, and then the kindness to share that information with others. 

I think of it as a girl with a basket going out to pick berries.

Leadership requires you to take some initiative, and go down a new path and look for something – inspiration, information, etc. but once you’ve found a few berries, you would not be kind if you did not share.

You don’t have to have ALL the berries in the world in your basket, but sharing what you’ve picked up along the way and using that information to HELP others – that’s at the heart of leadership.

If you have been on a journey, if you have learned anything, if you are interested in trying a new path and you have found some sweet fruit along the way – I challenge you to push fear aside and let kindness take over. We are desperate for kind-hearted leaders who are generous with their information while still humbly admitting they don’t know it all – and that’s ok!

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