That Time I Failed the 21 Day Fix Extreme

madewithOverIt happened.

My life is a little crazy, and I am still on quite a JOURNEY when it comes to health and fitness, and it happened.

I totally failed my first attempt at the 21 Day Fix Extreme.

I ordered the 21 Day Fix Extreme the very day it came out. I knew I was going to Jamaica and I thought it would be the PERFECT program to get me ready to wear a bathing suit. I waited, and waited, and after a few days I got a green Shakeology Box in the mail…the type of box my Shakeology usually comes in, but since I still had a little of last month’s left, I didn’t open it. I was waiting for the brown Beachbody box that my new workout programs usually come in, and I waited and waited – almost a whole week!

I was so disappointed as I realized I wasn’t going to have enough time to finish the program before Jamaica. Finally I had a thought…maybe, hidden inside that green Shakeology box was my 21 Day Fix Extreme. Sure enough, I open the box, and there it was. It had been in my house the whole time! Somebody just give me an “I’m Special” sticker right now…just do it. So, I finally have my program, and I think to myself – “Well, I still have two weeks before Jamaica…I can still tone up in that time.”


Valentine’s Day happened. Fancy dinner, wine, chocolate, more wine. Then, I had a week and a half until Jamaica and I just decided this wasn’t happening. I let myself have way more cheat meals than usual, I let the stress of getting ready for a trip drive me to late nigh snacking on frozen waffles, nutella and strawberries, and then Jamaica.

Lovely, green, tropical Jamaica. With fruity drinks, and homemade pancakes every morning and three course dinners every night – not to mention the afternoon chocolate chip cookies.

I failed. I tried and I failed.

So, what now? Well, I’m going to do what I tell all my challengers to do: Just try again. 

I’m going grocery shopping tomorrow. I’m going to get my meal plan ready, I’m going to stay focused, and I’m going to ROCK this program. I have my accountability set up with my Challenge Group, I have three weeks with NO travel and I have a reward in place for myself when I finish the program (new clothes – obviously!).

Nobody has it all together. We all fail. Just try again my friend! What you have done (or failed to do) in the past means NOTHING – YOU are the one who decides your future.

If you are looking for some support, encouragement, recipes, tips and one on one coaching through this program (or the original 21 Day Fix) I would love to be there for you! You can email me or fill out my application to be apart of my next group! We can do this – we are stronger together.


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