How to Push Through a Weight Loss Plateau

How to Push Through a Weight Loss Plateau
I’ve been consistently working out for almost a year now…hard to believe. An entire year where I have NEVER gone a whole week (probably 4 days was the longest) without working out. I have made great progress and at the same time, still feel like I have a WAYS to go.

In this year I have definitely had ‘plateaus’. A weight loss (or progress) plateau can be frustrating because you are doing the same things that gave you great progress before, but all of a sudden aren’t ‘working’.

Here are my tips for what to do when you hit one.

#1) Have patience
If you have been losing 4lbs a week for 3 weeks and then have a week where you don’t lose any (or even *gasp* GAIN a lb or two!) This is NOT a plateau. You are just impatient. I can say this as a very impatient person myself. Getting upset at this ‘lack of progress’ and letting yourself go back to old eating habits and laziness about your workouts is THE WORST THING YOU CAN POSSIBLE DO. Don’t do it. If after a month of consistent working out and eating right you are STILL not seeing progress – THEN you can call it a plateau.

#2) LIft Heavier/Push Harder
Increase your weights, increase your intensity. At first, when you start a workout program, everything is new and your body is being shocked and the results can be quick! As your body get’s used to it and your muscles start to remember the moves, you HAVE to push harder. This can be difficult because it feels good to KILL IT in your workout. To get through the whole thing without a break – to do the full set without difficulty, but that’s the problem – it HAS to be difficult or it’s not going to work. Keep increasing your weights and intensity. One of my FAVORITE things about Beachbody’s newest program Insanity Max 30 is the fact that it is DESIGNED to be difficult NO MATTER WHAT. It is designed to not let yourself slack off – and that is exactly what your body needs.

#3) Switch up your workouts
After a while, even going to heavier weights and higher intensity won’t cut it. You need to continue to shock and challenge your body and that will require a different workout and a new challenge. I have been doing the 21 Day Fix for a WHILE and now the 21 Day Fix Extreme is coming out and I am super excited, because I know what it can do for my body to switch things up.

#4) Look at your nutrition
Your body is 20% exercise and 80% nutrition. You CANNOT OUT EXERCISE a bad diet. Get a good meal plan that you can stick to and be focused on it. Don’t let little cheats and treats add up to sabotage all your hard work on your workouts. Every once in a while I will get a little more drastic with my diet and go Paleo for a week or two, or I will do the 3 Day Refresh. This helps your metabolism to run more quickly without so much carbs, sugar, etc.

#5) Be patient
I’m adding this one again because even if you implement some of these suggestions you aren’t going to see results over night – don’t doubt the process, just continue to treat your body right, and even if those love handles are STILL hanging around after a year of working out (Come on love handles!!! What do I have to do to get rid of you?! sheesh!), you WILL make progress and more importantly have a body that is stronger and able to do more than it could before.


I am a Diamond Coach with Beachbody and have helped hundreds of women make healthy, sustainable changes to their lives – even with full schedules and kids. If you would be interested in learning more about the programs I use or the online accountability groups I run I would love to hear from you!!


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