Tips for Successful Meal Planning

It’s no secret that to be consistent in healthy eating habits takes work and planning. But it doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it sounds! Tips for Successful Meal Planning

Here are some resources I use that make my weekly meal planning something i conquer quickly instead of dread.

#1) Repeats!
When it comes to breakfasts, snacks and lunches I pretty much eat the SAME things every day. I may have 2-3 options, but that’s it. It may take a little time and work to find the perfect two or three healthy breakfasts YOU love, but once you have them, you can make them on auto-pilot.

Some of my breakfast favorites are: overnight oats, scrambled eggs (with kale, or tomatoes, or cheese), sweet potato pancakes (if I have more time on the weekend) or 3 ingredient pancakes. My husband LOVES yogurt with granola and on weekdays Shakeology.

Some of my favorite lunches are: wraps, salads in a jar, or leftovers from the night before!

Some of my favorite snacks are: almonds, sweet peppers or baby carrots with hummus, apples, a small sweet potato, and Shakeology.

#2) Disciplined use of Pinterest
Pinterest is a no-brianer! So many great meal ideas, easily searchable and recommended by other friends! The key with Pinterest is to not get overwhelmed. Stay disciplined! If you know your budget allows you to buy whole chickens and lots of lentils, search JUST those recipes – don’t get distracted looking at yummy steak and salmon recipes. Once you PIN something, go back through your ‘recipes’ board and PRINT the ones you want to try THIS week! Getting the recipes off of Pinterest helps me not to get distracted and to keep my mind focused ONLY on what I need for this week!

#3) A Simple Planner
I’m a paper person. Writing out my meal plan and keeping it on my refrigerator just works for me! I don’t need a lot of bells or whistles, so this is the planner I use: Weekly Meal Planning Sheet

I don’t necessarily cook Tuesday’s meal on Tuesday, but at least I know I have enough healthy ingredients for every night of the week.

#4) Cut Yourself Some Slack
When I was first planning new healthy meals, I would pick the most delicious looking, beautifully intricate meals I could find. Only to discover I could not add SO many new, involved meals into my rotation all at once. Try to keep it simple. Maybe add 1 new meal a week or check out my @5ingredientgourmet instagram for simple meals that only require 5 ingredients. Cut yourself some slack and don’t expect to go from 0-60 in 5 seconds!

Hope these tips help make meal planning easier for you. I would be the first to admit, I am NOT a structured person, I often deviate from the plan, but at least I HAVE a plan, and it makes a WORLD of difference.
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