Act Your Way Into Feeling

Act Your Way Into FeelingI don’t usually feel like working out.
I don’t usually feel like eating vegetables.
I don’t usually feel like saying no to sweets.
I don’t usually feel like working hard at the end of a long day or reading a good book instead of watching a hilarious show.

Not many people do.
But doing these things is VITAL to success and health and growth.

So, what’s a girl to do?

Act your way into feeling.

You WILL enjoy that book – once you open it.
You WILL enjoy that workout – once you start.
You WILL enjoy working hard – once you get the ball rolling.

The key is to be mentally strong enough to start.
To WILL yourself to do the right habits and realize that the feeling comes later.


  1. Amen. I think the same principle holds true with spending time with God and loving others. Act first and the feelings will come (and go and come back!).

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