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I love carbs. Carbs and I have always had this incredibly close relationship. We are totally into each other. Bread, pasta and rice have been some of my best friends – getting me through some tough times (yes, I am a recovering emotional eater) and helping me celebrate the good ones! IMG_3852

However, part of this journey I’ve been on, has had me learning to stop and think about what will be best of me in the long run, and let that direct my decisions, instead of going with what I FEEL like in the here and now. Knowing what my goals are, knowing how great it will feel when I reach them, and focusing on that future joy has made my decisions to say no to sugar and unhealthy fried foods a LOT easier.

But through it all, I’ve held on to my carbs. Of course, now it’s whole wheat bread, and pasta and brown rice, instead of white, but still, our relationship has stayed strong.

Yesterday I listened to a podcast with Mark Sisson (a person I had never heard of before either) and he was talking about his book The Primal Blueprint and what the primal (or paleo) diet is all about. Basically is a high protein, lots of vegetables and fruit and (here’s a shocker) high healthy fat diet. There are no grains or complex carbohydrates allowed. His premise is that our carbs should come only from fruits and vegetables, because the carbs that come from grains turn on the ‘store as fat’ gene whereas the carbs that come from fruits and vegetables turn on the ‘burn for energy’ gene. This is an over simplification, but the basic idea.

A few other friends have been reading Grain Brain, which is a book that explores what, carbs and sugar’s affect on the brian. Hearing their thoughts, and quotes from the book has only compounded my interest in this concept of removing grains from my diet.

I still have lots of research to do, and I am putting both these books on hold at the Library at this very moment, but I can’t believe I’m actually starting to consider a paleo lifestyle (yikes!!).

If you have no idea what paleo is all about, I encourage you to take a listen to this podcast and check out these two books: The Primal Blueprint and Grain Brain.

I’d also love to hear from YOU! What are your thoughts about Paleo? Do you eat this way? Why? Has it helped? Anything I should be cautious about?

Here’s to always growing, changing and loving the journey!!

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