Glorious Imperfection

I have been reading the book: Failing Forward by John Maxwell for some time now. Just slowly chewing my way through it. For an over-acheiver, perfectionist, big dreamer like myself it has been a breath of fresh air. Striving for excellence is a fantastic trait, until the pursuit of it drives you crazy (and everyone else around you).

I am learning to keep my standards high, but at the same time, realize that the only way I have any hope of achieving them is through FAILURE. Try, try, try again. Learn from mistakes, don’t take yourself too seriously and be kind with others. In fact – the MORE I fail, the more quickly I will reach that ever elusive goal. I feel like this may be why so many visionaries and perfectionists are frustrated most of the time. You have to wade through the muck to get to the diamond. photo 2

Understanding this principle has helped me not only in my own simple goals, but even with my children (being a mom of three and a recovering perfectionist is a comedy in and of itself!). It’s made me more gracious and more persistent. A no, a slammed door, a failed attempt only tells me I need to try one more time – it doesn’t mean give up.

Try something else, try a different way, try to be more consistent, try to be more creative, try to get more training, try to ask for help but never NEVER give up simply because you have failed.

Move through failure, enjoy the glorious imperfection – because if you can’t shake the feeling that you are meant to do something – it’s because you were meant to do it, and if you keep moving through the muck I know you will find your diamond.
photo 1

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