Why All Your Attempts to Get Healthy Have Failed

“I’ve tried everything, Vanessa.”

I can’t tell you how many people have told me this when we start talking about fitness and their health goals. My heart breaks for them because I can see the doubt and defeat in their eyes. At the same time my respect for them grows as I see their determination to try just one more time, and I feel the very real responsibility to support and cheer them on as they try one more thing.

But along with that, I feel an immense excitement, because I KNOW this is different.

You see, there are four components that NEED to be in place for someone to make a healthy change in their life.

  • Fitness Plan
  • Nutrition
  • Support
  • Reward

Most people either try them separately, or neglect certain parts all together. It’s not that there is some magic in Beachbody workouts – they are basic, cardio, body weight and some weights. And it’s not that there is some magic in the meal plan – it is basic clean foods with limited carbs, high in protein and veggies and fruits.

Here’s the magic, here’s why I BELIEVE in Beachbody Programs + Shakeology + challenge groups, and why they work for people who have ‘tried everything’. The combination of all four components. 

Beachbody fitness programs give people ZERO excuse. 30 minutes a day – AT HOME. No gym membership, no embarrassment, no wondering which machine to do next, no need for an hour and a half, no need for clean workout clothes (we won’t judge) heck – you don’t even need to wear pants if you don’t want to!

Every single Beachbody program comes with a THICK, comprehensive meal plan that not only gives recipes, but a break down of when to eat carbs, protein, veggies, and how often. The 21 Day Fix has color coded containers to help you get the perfect portions, and the meal plan with P90 even includes a grocery list!! It’s not a complicated or restrictive ‘diet’ it’s a tool to help you start a new LIFESTYLE of health.

This is where I come in!! You get paired up with a COACH. I can’t speak for other coaches, but I take this job very seriously. If you WANT this, I will support you EVERY SINGLE DAY. I will look for you to check into our online accountability group, I will message you and text you and come over and help you with meal planning (if you live close enough!). I have recipes and meal plans on my website, along with other tools and it’s not JUST me – the online accountability group becomes like a little family. Seeing other women all ages, all walks of life, all making time for their workouts, and figuring out how to eat healthy even when they are on vacation or are out of the house all day – it’s POWERFUL.  You aren’t ever alone.

You get prizes!! Yup!! The challengers who show up get prizes (in addition to the reward of getting encouraging comments and likes) AND when you finish the program you get a free t-shirt. May seem silly, but there’s something so exciting about getting a t-shirt that you CANNOT buy, you have to EARN. OH- and, Beachbody gives $500 away DAILY to those who submit their before and afters.

Combining these four pieces makes this approach to getting healthy and losing weight UNMATCHED. You may have tried it all, but you’ve never tried this….and I would LOVE to see the amazing things that happen when you have the right fitness program, nutrition plan, support and reward.

I am opening up my LAST challenge group of 2014! Click here if you would like to apply! Or if you know someone who has ‘tried it all’ – share this post with them! There is nothing more powerful than a spark of hope.

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