Give the Gift of Health

This holiday season I have been intrigued by this idea of giving the gift of health.

It kind of scares me, I don’t want my family to think there is a hidden message behind that set of weights I gave them! But I’ve been asking around and so far most people said they would appreciate it! We are all trying to improve our health, right? And who doesn’t set some lofty goals come January 1st? I think that if you give a gift that is still thoughtful to the person you are giving it to, a healthy gift could be awesome!!

Here are some of the top things I would have on MY list:
1) Jawbone (or other activity tracker) – have you heard of these things? They are SO cool. The Jawbone tracks steps taken, calories burned, how long you sleep (it even tracks when you are in light or heavy sleep).  You can set it to vibrate and wake you after the optimum nap time (which is apparently 26.5 minutes) or when you’ve been idle too long. It communicates with an app on your phone where you can also track the food you’ve eaten. The more you know about your habits the better decisions you can make.

2) Water Bottle – Camelbak is my absolute favorite, there is just NO other water bottle that compares to this one (in my opinion). I honestly prefer glass to plastic for drinking water, but carrying around something that heavy just isn’t practical to a mom of three. So, gifting me one of these babies would be a welcome sight. Or – if you want to get fancy, there’s another techy product that just came out to the market called Vessly that automatically detects what kind of liquid you fill it with and tracks it on an app. If anything you should watch the info video, just because it’s cool.

madewithOver3) Workout Gear – I have become OBSESSED with cute workout clothes! My wardrobe is being quickly overtaken by them. I would LOVE to get some cute workout tanks or a gift card to one of these shops.
– Victorias Secret (amazing sports bra and super cute workout gear)
– Fabeletics (you can get your first full outfit for just $25 – score!)
Target (keeping it real)
Nike (mostly in my dreams because -> $$$, but man! love their style)
– Etsy (one of my favorite shops for cute tanks is Tee for Run)

4) Kitchen Tools – Our bodies are 80% what we eat and only 20% exercise, so fun kitchen tools that will help me make healthy meals quicker is an awesome gift in my book! I’ve been eyeing this Spiralizer for a while. It turns veggies (like zucchini and sweet potatoes into noodles!)

5) A New Workout Program – Nothing shakes me out of an exercise slump like getting a new workout program! New moves, a new challenge – I LOVE IT! Right now, PiYo is on promotion if have a yoga or pilates loving person on your list, and coming December 2nd the creator of Insanity, Shaun T, has created a brand new, 30 minute workout program called Insanity Max 30. I can NOT wait to try this, it’s kind of on the top of my Christmas list. Basically you are working out against your previous time, and you go as hard as you can until you max out – then you take a break, and jump right back in. If you want to get on a VIP list for the latest updates and notifications for when this program launches (and be entered to win a free copy) click here.

So, there are my top 5 healthy gifts. What would you add? What are your top picks?
Let’s not just phone in Christmas gifts this year with a giant fruit cake, we can make this holiday the healthiest one yet!



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