3 Day Refresh Review

This week I started with the 3 Day Refresh. It was my first time doing it and to be honest, I was a little nervous.

Before I go into my review, here is a little video explaining why I did it, and what is included.

As I prepared to start, here were some of my concerns.
Would I be too hungry?
Would I stick with it?
Would I lack energy?

Day 1 I felt amazing. I LOVED how light and clean I felt doing it. I don’t know how else to explain what it felt like. Just eating fresh fruits and vegetables was refreshing (for lack of a better word!).

Day 2 was my most difficult day, I did feel hungry early on in the day. I am so thankful I had my challenge group to check in with so I stayed on track!!

Day 3 was easier, I wasn’t hungry, but I just wanted to eat – hahaha.

Even though I dealt with some hunger and mild headaches, I absolutely LOVED how I felt. My mind was clearer, my energy level was high the whole time. I didn’t feel like I was dragging at all. I plan to cut dairy, grains, animal protein and sugar from my diet once a month. Felt REALLY good.
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I also love how I slimmed down and lost some pudge around my mid-section. I feel like if I stay on track with my eating from now until Thanksgiving I will not have anything to fear from indulging on Turkey Day!

This is the perfect program to do after a weekend at Disney, or a cruise, or holiday season. It’s like hitting that reset button on your body. My cravings were literally NON-EXISTENT! Love – love – love this program!

If you are interested in trying it, send me a message! I’d love to chat with you about your particular goals and situation to see if this would be something that would work for you. I can also help coach you through the program and give you guidance after the 3 days are over. Let’s do this!!


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