Caleb Turns 1

IMG_3243Today my baby turns 1.
Sunday we had a party.

I LOVE throwing parties. In fact, for my 30th birthday – my gift to myself is that I get to throw my own party. I love all the details, the menu, the games, the rush you get when it’s an hour until the guest’s arrive and you are racing to get everything just right. I love planning for every contingency and having back up plans – call me crazy, but planning parties is like a sport to me!

Even still, I kept Caleb’s birthday pretty simple – just family and a few simple games. We did a little monster’s theme, because it’s SO CUTE! and Caleb’s birthday is only 2 days before Halloween.

Most of the decor I either made or found at the dollar spot at Target (seriously, what would I do without Target!?). I had fun with this party and the kids LOVED it. From getting to choose their own Monster Balloon (basically just a balloon with a sharpie drawn monster face – seriously simple guys!) to the ‘feed the hungry monster’ game where the kids threw ‘stinky socks’ filled with rice into the monster’s mouth, everything was super simple, but really fun!

Happy Birthday sweet Caleb – you are my little cuddly buddy and I love you more than words – can’t wait to see you grow up and get to know you more and more each day – I think you’re pretty awesome!

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