3 Day Refresh – From Skeptic to Believer

When I first heard about Beachbody coming out with a new product called the 3 Day Refresh I immediately was uninterested. I HATE quick fix, drastic solutions to health. I am a DIE HARD believer in being gradual, kind and patient with your body and I thought: “Is this some sort of lemon, cayenne, maple syrup thing?”

I should have more trust in my company, but I guess I am a skeptic at heart. After seeing coaches on my team do it (these are their pictures in the blog. They are my personal friends and I am so proud of them!) and have amazing results I was intrigued, but what got me even more interested was the fact that they didn’t HATE it, didn’t seem super cranky while on it, and actually WANTED to do it again! This was surprising to me, because I thought it would be this miserable, deprivation thing just to lose a few inches over a weekend. 8476_10152354684398085_4005319991730516304_n

I decided to dig into it a little bit more and discovered (to my surprise) that you can actually eat real food while on the refresh – and many people, although admitting it wasn’t super EASY – were saying they really didn’t feel hungry most of the time. After watching a short video on the Refresh and hearing the rational behind it I realized that because sugar and carbs are such addictive poisons to our bodies, it can sometimes be incredibly difficult to gradually ease into clean eating – especially after a week (or longer) of indulging.

I looked into the components of the Refresh:
– Shakeology (which I already am convinced of because it’s just chock full of THE most potent superfoods, adaptogens, tons of Pre and Probiotics and the highest quality protein)
– Fiber sweep
– Fresh fruits and vegetables along with healthy fats

It just gives your body a break from carbs, dairy, animal protein and sugar. It infuses it with tons of vitamins, minerals, and all the incredible stuff that I mentioned above and brings a renewed focus on drinking water and herbal tea so you get your body back to a clean slate – almost like an oil change for your body.

I felt like the more I learned, the more excited I was to try it. There’s just something about a deep clean, or a fresh start – even though it typically takes some work, is incredibly worth it.

I’ve been waiting to try it until after I finished breast-feeding because it is a calorie restrictive program, but as it so happens, my son turns 1 October 28th and with Halloween and the holiday season approaching, it seems like first week in November is going to be the perfect time!

Message me if you would like to try it with me. I will be leading the group through the 3 Day Refresh and then move right into a full 3 weeks of healthy, clean eating habits with grocery lists and meal plans so that you are feeling GREAT all month and when Thanksgiving comes you can feast and enjoy all your favorite treats with no guilt, because one day of indulgence won’t put a dent in the 3 weeks of amazing health you have built up!

Here’s that video I was talking about:

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