Realizing My Potential With Soapy Hands

I wasn’t planning on writing a blog about this tonight – tonight’s post was supposed to be about your relationship with your scale, what it should and shouldn’t be, but as I was doing the dishes, my mind started wandering.

I started thinking about the testimonies I heard at Super Saturday (a live Beachbody event I attended). I started thinking about Tony – who is a millionaire with Beachbody, and his story of coming from an abusive family, growing up an angry kid, obese in his teens, and how P90X and signing up as a coach (which he said no to several times) COMPLETELY changed his life. And how now that he’s a millionaire and doesn’t have to work another day in his life, has chosen to become a high school football coach and try and affect as many young men who might be angry and lacking direction like he was, as he can.
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I started thinking about Monica. A mom of 3, who has been able to retire from her corporate job because of Beachbody and was sharing about how when she went to Beachbody’s leadership retreat she felt like she didn’t belong, because she wasn’t a 15 star diamond coach, but then she realized that she was there not for her own ego but to learn as much as she could to bring it back to her team – leaders lay down their lives and serve their team!

I started thinking about the fact that I am on track to not only build a business that in 1-2 years could be bringing in over 50K+ for my family, but I am in a position to help OTHERS who are desperate – just like I was – to make additional income, to help out their families, but just don’t know where or how to do it.

I started thinking about this company that invests SO much into it’s coaches and has created this incredible culture of positivity, service, helping others and paying it forward. A company that is constantly giving to organizations like Wounded Warrior (they pledged 250K in the month of October) and International Justice Mission.

And, right there, with soapy water on my hands, and dirty dishes all around me, I broke down crying. This opportunity is ENORMOUS. This opportunity is rocking my world in so many ways. This company is changing my life and my family. I just couldn’t contain myself. I WANT to be worthy of this opportunity. I want to pay it forward and help as many people as I can. I want to learn how to communicate the incredible, life-changing potential being a Beachbody coach has.

My heart is incredibly full tonight, and my soul is burning with purpose. Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetIf you have ever thought about this opportunity, I would LOVE to chat with you, learn about what sets your soul on fire, and see if joining my team could change your life – like it has mine.  You can email me at:

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