A Day in the Life: Mom + Beachbody Coaching

I’ve gotten several questions from people asking how I do it all. With three kids ages 4 and under, none of whom go to school or daycare, I can honestly say, although I LOVE it, there isn’t a moment of the day from 7am (or earlier) to 8:30pm (or later) that someone (or several someones) isn’t needing something from me.

So how do I fit being a coach into my life? It’s taken me some time to figure out the balance (in fact, time management is something I stunk at in the beginning) but I have worked really hard to get better at it! So here’s your sneak peak into my crazy life!

Screenshot 2014-09-17 07.31.575am, the alarm goes off. Now, full disclosure, I give myself until 5:20 to get out of bed. I don’t know why 5:20 is the magical number, but it is. So 5:20 I’m out of bed and I grab a glass of lemon water and start reading. I need to feed and awaken my spirit before anything else. At 6am I close my Bible and other books and lace up my Nike’s and push play. 30 minutes later, my workout is done. From 6:30-7am I check in with my challenge groups on FB and, because I take time on the weekends to plan out my tasks, I look at my calendar and see which other task I have for the day, and get it done (today, it was blogging!).
Screenshot 2014-09-17 07.29.15
By 7am my kids are up and I am full time mommy, giving good morning kisses, changing diapers, getting everyone dressed, breakfast made etc. I love breakfast time because it’s a time where the kids and I read a little devotional, I ask them questions about their dreams and we plan our day.

After breakfast I take time to play with the kids – whatever they chose for that day (yesterday it was My Little Pony and construction trucks), I have found that by giving them undivided play time right from the start, instead of rushing off to do dishes/chores/or other tasks, they feel secure in my love and attention and later on they are content to play alone.

The baby goes down for a nap between 9-10am and that’s when I let the older two watch a 30 minute show so I can shower/make my bed/clean breakfast dishes. After the show I try to tackle one of my chores and invite the kids to help (more often than not, they decline and end up making other messes while I clean).

If I don’t have a playdate or errands to run, we have reading time and “school time”, I’m doing a very simple preschool curriculum (if you want to follow along, I have a fb group of preschool mommies and I post the activities for each week). Before you know it the baby is awake again and it’s time for lunch.

After lunch I put my 2 year old down for a nap and (usually) the baby is ready for his 2nd nap too. I let my 4 year old have a little TV time and I jump back into Beachbody mode. I use this time to find inspirational quotes, answer any questions people have about challenge groups and check in with my coaches. Sometimes I’ll post a recipe or photo to my instagram.

Photo on 9-12-14 at 4.09 PMOnce that half an hour is over I take time to enjoy one on one time with my son. I really enjoy spending time alone with him playing with legos, or super heros, or doing a special craft that is too complicated for his younger siblings. I also try to get a little more cleaning done (those extra messes he and the other two were making while I did my morning chore) and try to connect and encourage some of the ladies that are in my small group at church.

Once again, I feel like the time FLIES and the younger two are awake from their naps and it’s time to start thinking about Dinner. I bring out some blocks or puzzles in hopes that they will play alone while I cook, but there are always minor fights to break up or the baby is getting into a drawer that I didn’t even know he could open.

Finally – my favorite part of the day: DADDY’S HOME. Although recently, my husband has been finishing up his Master’s Degree and his classes have him studying till late in the night, but he tries to make it home at least for dinner.

Dinner and baths and bedtime and the day is finally over – at least for my mommy job. Evenings are what I look forward to the most because that’s when I get to devote a FULL hour to Beachbody. I used to collapse on the couch, turn on a show and pass out, but my work with Beachbody energizes me. I get to do a little more strategy and research if there is a challenger who isn’t getting the results she wants. I get to dive a little deeper into personal development and work on areas where I am weak, I get to have more conversations with people who are interested in coaching and help them build their own business.

So, that’s how I fit it all in. It’s something that even if you worked a 9-5 I think you could do. It takes being focused, it takes a little hard work, but I don’t feel like it takes away from my time with my kids, or consumes my life.

I love what I do. As a stay at home mom, although my job is incredibly fulfilling – it is also physically exhausting and at the same time, not the most mentally stimulating. I love how Beachbody coaching fits into my life. Giving me something to pour my mental energies into, while still being present with my kids. A lot of times I’ll get an idea for a blog post or FB post while building a block tower, and I’ll grab my iphone and open voice memos and capture it for later. I also love that I can connect to other women without having to be away from my kids all day.

If this opportunity is something you have considered, but felt that you couldn’t make it work with your schedule, contact me! I would love to chat about what YOUR day looks like, and help you strategize and give you the tools to be an amazing mom and still be able to contribute to your family’s income, without feeling overwhelmed.

There’s even more info on coaching on my website – and since I just finished building it, you should at least go there to see how pretty it is 🙂


  1. Wow, thank you for sharing this! This was incredibly inspirational and convicting of how I could manage my time better. I am really trying to focus my attention on one task at a time, but it’s a challenge for me.

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