Spice it Up: Turkey Burgers

Screenshot 2014-09-15 07.40.11When getting healthy, there are small changes you can make to your diet that will make a large difference! Switching out high fat beef burgers for lean turkey burgers is one of those substitutions. But let’s be honest, there is quite a taste difference. Here are a few things that I’ve found can really improve the taste of a turkey burger:

– Mix soy sauce into the meat. Just a few splashes should do the trick. It adds an almost ‘beef-y’ flavor and some saltiness. If you go this route, I would suggest topping with some lightly seared balsamic cabbage, or pickled veggies. (both of these sides can be found on my instagram)

– Top with sauteed mushrooms. Mushrooms are known for their hearty, earthy, meatiness and give some of that juicy flavor we all love in a burger. If you decide to top with mushrooms, I would suggest sauteeing the mushrooms with a tiny bit of olive oil (butter is of course the tastiest, but let’s not get carried away) salt, garlic salt and oregano. A thick slice of melted Cheddar or dinner 21 day fixHavarti cheese couldn’t hurt either.

– Top with Salsa! I LOVE topping my turkey burger with salsa. If you add some spiced black beans and corn or sweet potatoes as a side you will have a meal that is sure to please just about everyone.

– Mix garlic, onion, herbs and spinach into the meat. Adding 1/2 onion, 2 cloves of garlic, 3 leaves of fresh basil, or a small sprig of rosemary and a handful of spinach along with some salt and pepper to 1lb of ground turkey and pulsing in a food processor will yield an amazing, aromatic and super flavorful burger.

– Bacon. I leave this one for last, because it is by far the least healthy option, but even just 1/2 a piece of bacon, crushed up and sprinkled over a plain turkey burger can make a world of difference.

Keep things in moderation and you’ll be just fine. That goes for condiments too!! Don’t make a good decision with the turkey burger, only to smoother it in mayo, ketchup and BBQ Sauce. Dijon Mustard is probably the safest option when it comes to the condiment table.

Also – going bun-less is a no brainer, so don’t feel bad to load up your plate with salad, sweet potatoes, veggie chips and fruit.

Enjoy the grill – keep looking and feeling fabulous!

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