When Life is Draining – Chase Your Dreams

It’s scary, jumping off a cliff. Trying something new.
You put yourself out there, what if you fall? “Let’s wait” you say, “Until the conditions are perfect. Until my life slows down. Until I have more time.”

come flyYou know, deep down, its something that COULD be life-changing and it really does excite you. You have a spark of hope that, maybe, you could be really good at this. You like helping people, and friends already look to you for advice and inspiration.
But, let’s wait.

So, let me ask you: what will waiting accomplish? Will it move you closer to your goals? Will it prepare you to be the type of person you want to be? The funny thing about waiting – the longer you wait, the less likely you are to take action. A body at rest…stays at rest.

“But,” you think, “I’m so overwhelmed – maxed out – at capacity! How can I add one more thing to my life? Where am I magically going to find the time to invest in building my dreams?”

Here’s the thing about building a dream…It is incredibly LIFE-GIVING. So much of what we do on a day to day basis is life DRAINING. I love my kids, but waking up at all hours of the night, hearing their screams and cries, folding laundry, only to have it knocked over while I was changing a poopy diaper that leaked all over the place, going to the freezer to get something out for dinner and finding it empty. If I’m completely honest, being a mom is emotionally, physically and mentally DRAINING. Worth it – but draining.

Or – if you work a demanding job, being asked to do more than you are capable of, always dealing with unhappy people, not Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 1.56.19 PMbeing treated like a real person, unappreciated, pushed down, having to fight for every inch, never feeling like you are getting ahead – work is DRAINING.

The list could go on and on about the things in our lives that are life draining. Deadlines, heavy workloads, financial stress, extended family drama, etc.

Dealing with these things day in and day out made my husband and I feel completely drained, taped out and unmotivated to do anything more than collapse at the end of the day in front of the TV. I didn’t have much time to invest in building a dream – but I KNEW that if I didn’t change something – nothing would change. “Unacceptable!” I thought.

I looked into our future, and I saw exactly what it would look like and I decided that I would not accept that. I decided to MAKE the time, and carve out 1 hour every day to build MY dreams. I realized that my future would be a culmination of MY choices and I chose something different. Wanna know something crazy? That 1 hour became the HIGHLIGHT of my day. I felt so INCREDIBLY vibrant. My mind was stretching and filling with creativity and passion. I began influencing people and seeing their lives change, I began seeing weekly paychecks come in that was giving us a little wiggle room and freedom, I began growing and noticing that other areas of my life were being strengthened as well.

I went through my day with more love, energy and creativity with my kids because that muscle was being strengthened with my business. I would get calls from my husband after work and instead of sharing with me all the crazy things his students did or how the administration was putting pressure on him, we were strategizing and dreaming and excited.

Whatever your dreams are – don’t wait or put them off because you feel drained or at capacity. Even if it’s just 1 hour a day and it takes time to get where you want to go, just the very act of doing SOMETHING, moving forward, setting goals, building momentum and being surrounded by others who believe in you – is LIFE CHANGING.

One of the things that I have been working on this week is a systematic way to squeeze the most productive work out of 1 hour that you possibly can. I call it “The Command Center” and it’s a series of documents and PDFs that take the guess work out of being an amazing coach and make it easy to know what you need to do, do it and start building toward an amazing career.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 10.33.35 AMIf you are interested in learning more about the coaching opportunity. Maybe the idea has fluttered across your mind, but you’ve instantly let excuses or doubts shoot it down, contact me! I do this EVERYDAY. I can tell you with complete honesty what it takes (less than you might think) and what the payoff could be (so much more than you might think). I can show you how a busy, drained, at-capacity mom has been able to fit coaching into a crazy life. And best of all, I can connect you to an absolutely incredible team of like-minded dreamers and get it done bosses. We strategize, encourage, celebrate and grow together – it’s the most LIFE GIVING community and I just can’t believe that I get to work alongside these beautiful souls.

We are stronger together dear ones! We are capable of more than we think! We chose our own future – and my future is bright!

To learn more about what I do and the mentorship opportunity I offer – click here. 

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