5 Thoughts (Before, During and After): My Workouts

Getting started is the hardest part. 
Or is it staying motivated? 

Here are 5 thoughts that help me get started when I just don’t FEEL like working out. Because, lets face it, successful people don’t FEEL like working out EVERY SINGLE day either – they just find a way to make themselves do it anyway…and that’s what I try to do!
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– You are going to feel AMAZING afterward!
– It’s only 30 minutes
– You will regret it if you don’t do it NOW!
– Fat won’t burn by sitting and THINKING about working out.
– You are worth this investment.

But, my self talk doesn’t end there! Usually, about 10 minutes into the workout, my heart is pumping and my muscles are burning and I look at how much time is left (still 23 minutes!!) and doubt starts to creep in. “You can’t do this!” “It’s too hard” “10 minutes is good enough – at least you got your heart pumping.”

So here are 5 thoughts that help me FINISH my workout.Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 7.25.53 AM

– Just keep moving – don’t stop moving!
– Embrace the burn – that means it’s working!
– Visualize the fat melting away with every movement.
– Baby break 1-2-3 (I let myself stop moving to catch my breath in the time it takes me to say this phrase)
– I AM stronger than this!

Once I’m done – of course – I feel AMAZING! Giving yourself a reward at the end of a difficult task is IMPORTANT to establish a habit (for more on this I HIGHLY recommend the book “The Power of Habit”). Here are 5 things I do after working out that just reinforce my positive mood.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 7.26.05 AMAFTER:

– Tell myself “You gave your all!” I may not be pleased with where I’m at physically, but I can be proud of pushing to MY limit. 
– Drink a huge glass of water and then make myself a post workout Shakeology, knowing I get that sweet healthy treat at the end of my workout motivates me!
– Mark off that I worked out today on my calendar. Seeing the cumulation of all the days I have worked out that month makes me feel proud and I love putting an X on one more day!
– Telling my Challenge Group that I DID IT. Seeing them like my post and knowing they are with me.
– Feeling that soreness the next day – burns so good – encourages me that my body is changing with each workout!

I hope this helps you as you get yourself psyched up to honor your priorities by taking care of yourself!  
If you are interested in more information about Challenge Group or Shakeology, I have tons of information on my website: www.strongertogetherfp.com.

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