Crushing Goals + Giveaways

Today is an exciting day for me! Today I celebrate accomplishing two different goals. I have completely finished building my Stronger Together Fitness Project website! When I first set out to do this it was completely daunting and I didn’t know where to start. Having learned through my coaching journey that the only thing that stands between where I am and where I want to go is just a little bit of research and sweat. I put in both and I am in LOVE with my new site! I hope it is easy to navigate and full of helpful information!

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The second goal that I am celebrating today is becoming a DIAMOND Coach with Beachbody. This is exciting for me because it means that I have grown as a coach and have been blessed to help over 50 people get healthy and move towards their goals, as well as start building my own team of like-minded coaches who are now able to inspire and influence THEIR network and bring health and positivity to a whole new group of people that I never could. I’m also excited about this because as a Diamond coach my mission shifts from primarily helping people with their fitness goals (which is still my passion and something I will continue doing) to also helping people who want to start building a business. I get to mentor them and guide them in how to be a giver and not a taker – how to build trust and at the same time build residual income for them and their families. This opportunity has changed my life and I am thrilled to mentor my team and see them soar. If you are interested in more information about what a Beachbody Coach actually does check out my new site! (see what I did there?!)

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Being a coach has changed my life in more ways than one. The obvious ones are physically and financially, but probably the one that I am the most excited about is the way I am changing in my character. I had always been disappointed in my personal lack of follow through. I am easy to get excited about something, but terrible at seeing it through. I’ve also always been a loner, content to forge ahead on my own and figuring out it by myself. Being a coach and being there for others, and being apart of a team has taught me that I am stronger and better TOGETHER. I have grown in my discipline and persistence beyond what I thought possible and my friends, this is just the beginning!

To celebrate both of these milestones I am hosting a little giveaway!!
4 packets of Shakeology (Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate and Vegan Chocolate), a Shakeology shaker cup, my favorite workout headband, and a full PiYo workout “Hardcore on the Floor”. —>who loves ya? <3


Wanna win this sweet prize pack? There are three ways to get an entry:

– Share this image on instagram and tag @van_fernan with the hashtag #strongertogetherlaunchparty (1 Entry)

– Share a link to this blog post on facebook with hashtag #strongertogetherlaunchparty (1 Entry)

– Make me your free coach (1 Entry)

Good Luck! I will announce the winner next week.
Thanks to everyone who has supported my on this journey. 

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