How I Spend My Day

This past week, from Monday to Friday I took the time to track how I spend EVERY SINGLE hour of my life. I have a lot on my plate and I was constantly feeling like I wasn’t spending enough time with my kids, keeping the house clean enough, reaching out to my friends enough, doing a good enough job as a coach and so on. I wanted to see what exactly I was doing with my time so I could find areas where I could be MORE productive and to see if how I spend my time was reflective of my priorities. 

What I found was pretty shocking. 

I am working REALLY hard and doing EXACTLY what I should be doing. 

This was shocking to me because I OFTEN go to bed at night regretting my actions of the day. Feeling like I didn’t spend enough time with my kids or on my business. Or discouraged over how dirty the house is or how I just can’t seem to lose those last few pounds.

Seeing that I really DO spend my time well showed me that I am judging my productivity based on meters that are unreliable. You see no matter how many hours I spend playing with my kids, they are always going to want more – one more story, one more game. No matter how many hours I spend coaching, my to do list will always be FULL of things. And, perhaps the most discouraging of all, no matter how many hours I clean, the house will always be dirty. 

If I judge myself based on the kids, my to do list, or the crumbs on the floor I will NEVER win or feel like I am doing good enough. But this past week, when I looked at my day and where I spent my time – I fell asleep EVERY SINGLE night full of peace and satisfaction. 

My heart with this post is to encourage each and every mom who worries that she isn’t doing ENOUGH – you are! In fact…the 2 glaring omissions in my day: Time for rest (not even 30 minutes in the 17 waking hours that I documented) and time for my husband. 

So, where I expected, after this week, to find that I wasn’t doing enough things, I’ve actually come to find out that I need to do just a little bit less. Relax and feel content in the things I am doing. Take 20 minutes to make myself a cup of coffee in the middle of the day and flip through a magazine (ok – I can’t see myself doing that at ALL, but maybe I need to try).

My challenge to you – go through your day, honor your priorities and don’t let the cries from your kids or the dishes in the sink tell you how you are doing – you are doing enough. <3


  1. That was so encouraging! And so true. I’ve been sick this past week and getting myself to rest has been so hard! Thanks for sharing this 🙂

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