Burn Baby Burn

So, let’s talk about big dreams.
Dreams that you don’t even dare speak out loud, dreams that scare you and excited you at the same time.
Dreams that seem *almost* completely impossible.

-Losing 50lbs
-Getting out of debt
-Running a marathon
-Starting a business

Before you even attempt to turn these dreams into realities there’s something that has to happen that gets the whole thing going. I call it *the spark*. 
There has to be a spark of belief that maybe, just maybe, those dreams are achievable. 

This spark sets your feet on the path and lifts your eyes to the horizon. It will take hard work and perseverance to take the first step and make it all the way to the end, but the spark is necessary to get it all going. 

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We call people who do amazing things “inspirational” because they give us hope – they are that spark. They are human, just like us. Fail, just like us, and yet, the heights they achieve lift our eyes much further than they were previously set. Seeing a real life example of what is possible shoots sparks all over the place.

But it’s not just other’s accomplishments that give us a spark – it’s our own. Making cookies from scratch seems so overwhelming, until you do it, and they actually taste good! That inspires you try and make a cake. Next thing you know, you are pulling an apple pie out of the oven. Our own victories – no matter how small – prove to ourselves that we are capable of change, growth and progress. They spark us to try the next thing, and as we continue to improve it become addicting. 

No matter how lofty your dreams, no matter how far you are from them, I challenge you to do two things today:

1) Learn about people who have done them. Read their stories, take special note of where they were when they started (you might be surprised at how familiar it looks).

2) Try something you’ve never done before. No matter how small (baking cookies included!)

It’s amazing what a tiny spark can do. 

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