Stay Thirsty My Friends…

I read a book that made this observation: the reason most people never rise to the greatness that is inside of them is because they only work hard and consistently when they are in crisis. Once they have gotten out of the crisis they pull back and slack a little on the things they did to get them out of crisis. This keeps them in survival mode, but never allows them to push through to thriving success. 

This observation resonated with me. When I was 25lbs heavier than my normal weight, I was in crisis mode!! I worked SO hard, I pushed to the utter limits in my workouts, I was SO disciplined with my eating and didn’t want to give in once! I *needed* to get out of crisis mode. But I’ve found now that I have lost the weight, I have pulled back and not pushed quite as hard. Allowing myself to indulge more in foods that will only hold me back from making it to that next level in my physical transformation. 

I want to be thankful and celebrate the strides and progress I have made, while never losing my thirst for greatness. 

Being inspired by greatness is one way that pushes me a little bit harder. I’m also motivated knowing that every decision I make is either taking me closer to a better me or taking me away from the health and strength I want. There is no sitting still in the middle. My life is moving in one direction or another. I am either actively pursuing greatness or I am drifting into failure. 

As dramatic as it sounds it helps me, because my direction is completely in my control. I choose what I put in my body, I choose how hard I will workout, I choose to take time to honor my priorities each day, or to let myself off the hook and neglect them. Because it’s my choice *knowing* the importance these little decisions cary, motivates me to not let the little things slide. 

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So as I sit here in the quiet darkness of the morning, I purpose today to honor my priorities. To workout (which I just finished), read life-giving scripture, learn from inspiring personal development books, make a healthy choice for breakfast, look into my child’s eyes when he talks to me, respond with love and kindness to my husband, listen and care for my friend’s needs at our playdate and remind her what a GREAT mom she is and make *every* small decision today reflect my thirst for greatness. 


  1. I saw your blog via Facebook. I don’t know if you remember me, but my last name used to be Berry and I was involved with Mission X. Anyway, thank you for sharing these thoughts. I was convicted recently about being purposeful as a mom, wife and friend and I was encouraged to know that I am not the only one pursuing that. Your post was encouraging!! God bless.

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