Diet Accountability

Tonight is DATE NIGHT! I am incredibly excited! Knowing that I am probably going to splurge a little bit tonight is GREAT motivation for me to be mindful of my diet today. Actually, if I’m being honest, the past couple days have been a little sloppy when it comes to my diet. 

Whenever that happens here’s what I do:

#1 Take a look in the mirror and remind myself that even though I’ve come far…I still have a ways to go (I have been rolling around some thoughts in my mind about the balance between being grateful for your progress but staying hungry for more – but that’s for another post)

#2 Start writing down EVERYTHING I put in my mouth. 

Here is a little guide that you can put on your fridge and let me tell you, this SIMPLE action will really help you clean up your diet. 



>>Weekly Meal Planner<<
>>21 Day Fix Meal Tracker<<

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