Salad in a Jar






I don’t know what I would do without Salads in a Jar. 
Actually I do. I would be eating handfuls of goldfish or chocolate chips just to get my stomach to stop growling. 
I would be cheating my body from the life giving raw vegetables that it needs. 

Salads in a Jar let me prep a week’s worth of salads (complete with dressing, protein and greens) in about 30 minutes and keep them in the fridge. When it’s time for lunch and the kids are screaming and I’m starving, I unscrew the bottle, dump it, and lunch is served. 

They are portable – great for taking to playdates and even birthday parties (guard yourself against pizza and cake). 

You can fill them with whatever ingredients you like but the formula is the same. 

Start with Wide Mouth Mason Jars. (I found these at Target and LOVE them, makes it so easy to get the salads out of the jar)


photo 3

Pour in your favorite dressing


photo 2 Add grape tomatoes (chopping larger tomatoes adds too much liquid)

photo 1Add other ‘hard vegetables’ (here I have shredded carrots, but mushrooms, broccoli, any other hard vegetables will do)
photo 3Add protein and cheese (this layer is optional – of course – In these salads I have turkey bacon and cheddar cheese. I would suggest not putting egg salad or tuna or other very fragrant protein options…better to store these separate and add them when you are ready to eat…but cold cuts and chicken breast strips or some shredded rotisserie chicken are all good options)
photo 2Top with greens
photo 1Mine usually keep for a full week. 


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