Broccoli Almond Apple Salad

photo 4

This salad was JUST what I needed this week. Raw broccoli is INSANELY good for you and I could actually FEEL myself full of energy and even more clear headed after eating it (I know it sounds crazy, but I am so serious!).

The apples and craisins add a sweet crisp dimension and the almonds are divine! This simple honey dijon dressing is tangy and sweet at the same time – a really delightful combination. 

Here’s what you need for the dressing: 

photo 2

6 Tbs Honey | 3 Tbs Dijon mustard | 2 Tbs Rice Vinegar | whisk ingredients together until combined.

Here’s what you need for the salad: 

photo 3

– Broccoli
– Apple
– Almonds
– Craisins

Chop all the ingredients (except the craisins) and drizzle with the Honey Dijon Dressing – enjoy!

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