Ginger | Garlic | Lime Chicken


Super easy recipe here, but oh my gosh! FLAVOR EXPLOSION!

Here’s what you need:

3 Chicken Breasts
2 Limes
Fresh Ginger (powdered is fine too, but not as good)
2 Cloves Garlic, finely minced

Cut your chicken breasts into strips and cook in a saute pan. While the chicken is cooking, grate about 1 tsp of fresh ginger (more or less depending on how much you love ginger!) and add the garlic. After the chicken is completely cooked pour over the chicken the juice from the 2 limes. *optional* sprinkle some chili powder if you like a little bit of heat. 

This chicken is amazing with whole wheat pasta and roasted broccoli (just toss the broccoli with any oil and put on a cookie sheet for 20 minutes at 420 degrees – I like to generously season with salt, garlic powder and chili powder – yum!)



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