Turkey Burger with Spiced Corn and Kale

dinner 21 day fix

Here’s another super easy, yet surprisingly delicious 21 Day Fix meal. I am all about keeping it simple (duh) and not ashamed to post the most basic of recipes here. No Martha Stewart’s needed for this one, but it’s sure to please even the kiddos.

Just cook a turkey burger – either one you have made and seasoned yourself, or the frozen kind (no judging here!). I LOVE to top mine with salsa – it is SO good, but you could also saute some summer veggies like mushrooms, onions and yellow squash with some garlic and oil (maybe even a squeeze of lemon) and that would make an incredible topper as well (and give you an extra serving of veggies!!).

Next, either cut the corn off of the cob (my favorite way) or open a bag of frozen kernels. Heat with a tiny bit of oil in the pan and season to your taste with salt, garlic powder and chili powder. Add in some chopped kale and cook until everything is warm and tender.



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