The MOST Simple 21 Day Fix Dinner – EVER

Dinner 7pm

We all have those days, when we are dog tired, trying to run here and there, get things done and BAM! it’s dinner time.

You *want* to stay on track, you want to eat healthy…if you are on the 21 Day Fix, you only have 21 days and you don’t want to cheat on even one…but what do you do!?

Ok…don’t freak out, I got you.

Step #1 – pick up a rotisserie chicken (Costco has them for $5 and they are so juicy and amazing)

Step #2 – pick up whole wheat dinner rolls (or if you made a double portion of brown rice – which I HIGHLY recommend doing – just heat that up)

Step #3 – dig around your veggie drawer and find that bag of romaine that is about to go bad

Done and done.

Put each piece into the appropriate containers – so your portions are on point – and enjoy!
(If you are really stressed – leave out the dinner roll or brown rice and pour a glass of wine instead! -cheers-)


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