Why You Need a Beachbody Coach

You can buy fitness programs, use calorie tracker apps, and go to the gym, but why aren’t you loosing weight? Why aren’t you sticking with it?

The reason Beachbody started compensating enthusiastic customers to become “coaches” is because they were seeing customers mentoring each other through their weight loss journey for free, and the ones receiving this mentoring or “coaching” were the ones who were achieving the best results.

So that’s been their “secret sauce” or the magic behind the weight loss transformations – having a coach, a mentor, a friend and a group – because when you buy a challenge pack through me, you don’t just get me as a coach, but you get placed in a “Challenge Group”. This is like your little family to walk with you through the entire program.

We need that! We need that accountability, positivity and encouragement.
When you order through me as a coach, you don’t pay any more for the Beachbody products (actually, you get a 10% discount when you create your free Beach Body Club member account!) you just get the added bonus of receiving me as your personal cheerleader and mentor. I’m here to answer ANY questions you have about nutrition (which is just as important if not more than exercising) or just questions about how to use the programs while breastfeeding – or tips on how to make it work with 3 small kids or on the go.

I’m here for you to make you a success and THAT’S the difference.

So whether you are ready to jump in with P90X, T25 or 21 Day Fix, or you want some advice on which program would be best for you and YOUR goals, click on this link – contact me! Sign up for a free Beach Body account. I will contact you right away and we can get started working on acheiving your goals!

We are Stronger Together!


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