4 Lies I Believed About What it Takes to be Healthy

Today is a milestone for me, because today marks 90 days since I started the 21 Day Fix and this incredible journey of weight loss and building a strong body. I wanted to write this blog post because I had SO MANY excuses running through my mind and straight up lies as to why “I could never” loose the weight, run a 5K, eat clean, tone up, be strong. These are a few of the lies I believed, and the truth that I’ve found out along the way. Image


I’m not going to bore you or prove to you why this was my excuse, I think it’s everyone’s excuse, and we are ALL short on time. But, I realized that it’s only my excuse if I make it be. For sure, having home DVD workouts really helped crush this excuse, because I could do it WHENEVER (I have done workouts at all hours of the day, from 6am to 10pm) and I could do it rain or shine, and after the initial investment there aren’t monthly fees which could be prohibitive if your financial situation changes and you can’t afford gym dues anymore, etc. Once I got the home DVD’s in my possession and realized that I CAN find 30 minutes every day, this excuse became an out and out LIE.


I mostly applied this excuse to eating healthy. Our grocery budget is tiny *tiny* and I just thought there was NO WAY I could afford to eat all the fancy foods I saw in healthy recipes. Of course, eating healthy CAN be pricey, but with a little creativity and determination you can make HUGE strides in cleaning up your diet and fueling your body with the most nutritious foods you can. Just because I can’t afford organic EVERYTHING, doesn’t give me an excuse to buy chips and cookies instead of fruit and some yummy homemade granola. (I always try to post money saving tips and recipes on my instagram account).



Seeing transformation pictures of people who have lost a ton of weight and now look healthy and strong IS incredibly motivating, but I would always tell myself that results like that ONLY came from eating COMPLETELY healthy 100% of the time and NEVER missing a workout. I knew that I just couldn’t do that, and that became my excuse for not even trying. Why invest the money in something that *probably* won’t even give me results? As I’ve continued on my journey, I’ve been amazed that even with missing a workout here and there, AND having days (especially on the weekends) where I just wasn’t eating 100% clean, by being determined to get AT LEAST 4-5 workouts in a week, and not letting myself cheat during the week, I could STILL have great results and be a real person. The important thing isn’t being 100% perfect, it’s pushing yourself as far as YOU can, AND NEVER GIVING UP.


When I FIRST tried to get back in shape after baby #3 I was working out EVERY DAY religiously, and for and hour and a half…sometimes even doing two workouts a day. I thought that because of that, I didn’t really need to clean up my diet. WRONG. After weeks of that and seeing NO change, I was ready to give up. It wasn’t until I learned that your body is 30% workout and 70% diet that I took my eating habits seriously and made drastic changes. This CHANGED EVERYTHING not only to help me loose weight, but to start feeling better – from the inside out.

If you relate to any of these LIES and have let them rob you of the courage you take a leap and truly give living a healthy life your best effort, I hope you are motivated to take control of your health. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made…I only wish I’d done it sooner.

If you are interested in joining a challenge group, where you will receive coaching, accountability and support to find a program that works for YOU and help you stick with it, contact me! Helping other’s feel amazing and be strong is my passion and joy.

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