Fight for Thanksgiving

Of course I know I have so much to be thankful for.

But what do I FEEL?
Oftentimes I feel dissatisfied. I feel like I want more.

Part of this is just my human nature, and part of this is living in a world and culture that SCREAMS this at me (and whispers it too).

Recently my husband and I have been going back and forth over the decision to take the kids to Disney this Christmas season. We are SUCH big Disney fans, and we always talk about our dream of being Annual Pass holders. My husband will go on You Tube and watch those dreamy ads for Disney vacations over and over, and before you know it, discontent starts to drift in. We deserve Disney Annual Passes.

So, how do we fight for Thanksgiving and thankfulness? Well, I decided to make my own dreamy film, to highlight what we have to be thankful for. Yes, that’s right I am running an ad campaign, not to try to sell something, but to try and remind us of all that we have. Because if we are being convinced day in and day out that we don’t have enough,  then we need to up our game if we want to truly live in a state of thankfulness.

Another thing that I do to try and fight for thankfulness, is battle my constant desire for “productivity”. So many times after a long hard day I can look back at my “To Do” list and see such little progress (if any) and get discouraged.

“How can I be this tired, and yet have accomplished nothing?” I will often think to myself.

So, I’ve started to include a second list on my refrigerator, right next to my “To Do” list, I have a “Today I…” list, to record all the things I HAVE done in the day. And it’s typically filled with things like this:

Read a Bible story to the kids
Comforted my crying newborn
Created a fort in the living room
Baked cookies
Read books
Become a tickle monster
Prayed for my husband
Texted encouragement to a friend

Taking time to record some of the things I really do in a day, helps me to be thankful for what I get to do, and not complain over my lack of significant progress on all of the “important” tasks  that fill my “to do” list.

We have to fight to be thankful, we have to fight to see what we really have, thankfulness doesn’t just come naturally…not even on Turkey Day.

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