As a lover and creator of beauty, this season of motherhood is hard.

It’s hard to maintain my home to the standard of beauty that I crave for my inner peace and freedom. I feel choked when things are dirty, ugly, and cluttered. But, in this season, that seems to be the norm of our home these days.

And then, there’s my body. I’m three weeks postpartum, but a long way from my pre-pregnancy state. I stare longingly at all of my beautiful clothes…still off limits.

How do I fight through the depression and haze that constantly being surrounded by ugliness brings me?

Add in lack of sleep and hormones, and you get some very difficult days.
But there has been grace.

Jesus gave up his body, and the beauty of heaven to love me. 
I can give up my body and the beauty of my little home to love my babies. 
What better way to live my life, than to incarnate a little bit of Christ in this small way.


  1. Found your blog today through a friend of a friend. At 2 weeks postpartum myself this is exactly what i needed to read today. Thank you!

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