People Watching in Starbucks

– A couple chatting at a table, and by chatting, of course, I mean, she is talking non-stop while he nods and sips his drink.

– A woman reading a newspaper. Reading a newspaper? Yes, I know, but it’s true – the New York Times, and she seems riveted as she eats her multi grain bagel and butter. A cardigan draped over her shoulders – it is a little chilly in here.

– A middle aged man on his laptop, quietly singing along with the music. Every so often he will recognize someone who just walked into the store. He is a friendly man.

As I sit here and enjoy my incredibly sweet salted caramel mocha, I can’t help but think of how wonderful, diverse, and fascinating, people are. Yes, they can be horrible too, but wonderful. They smile, think, talk, read, work, mingle, feel, eat and drink. I just want to take it in, and I think of how many, many people contributed to my experience this morning.

People designed this dark brown leather chair I’m sitting in, and created this delicious drink. People wrote and performed this beautiful music I’m listening to, and someone works hard to keep electricity flowing to this coffee shop.

We all do our little jobs and play our little role and create this amazing world of slightly chilly, Starbucks stores with leather chairs, indie music, and incredibly sweet salted caramel mocha lattes.


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