Battling my Inner Martha

I have a confession to make. 

I’ve been running around with my 5 separate to do lists (they are pretty epic, if I do say so myself) trying to “make Christmas special” for everyone, and I think all I’ve really been doing is driving everyone crazy. 

My inability to say no and my obsession with perfection and pursuing ideas that I haven’t fully thought through are starting to overwhelm me. 

Last night when my husband came home, you wouldn’t have even known we were married. A quick kiss hello then I was off saving the day, trying to get last minute Cyber Monday gifts, cleaning up the dishes, working on a project for Jasmine’s 1st Birthday, and double checking my to do lists to make sure I wasn’t forgetting anything. 

It was sad. 

I’m not really sure how to slow down at this point. Once you get the ball rolling on certain things (like your daughter’s 1st birthday party) it’s kind of hard to stop…but I definitely got the message last night at 2am. 

Stop running around in circles, and start kneeling at the Lord’s feet. You will not only find rest for your restless soul, but true meaning and a “special” holiday season. 

It seems my inner Martha comes out in full force during the holiday season.
Lord help me to slow down and actually love the people I am trying to serve. 


  1. Vanessa – your post hit me hard and well…thank you for re-directing my gaze to The Lord and to loving those He has called me to serve!

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