Mommy Wars: Pinterest vs. Proverbs

It seems that every so often, I’ll see a certain type of blog post gain popularity on facebook, especially among my ‘mommy friends’. You know it, it’s that “stop comparing with other moms on facebook and pinterest who seem to be doing it all…don’t worry about having a clean home or cooking great meals…you’re a great mom, you’re doing enough, just give yourself a pat on the back and drink a glass of wine” post. And I must admit, that type of blog post has brought me to tears and been encouraging to me at more than one occasions. 

But I have a bone to pick with that type of blog post…although it feels good to be “off the hook” when it comes to a beautifully decorated, clean home and gourmet meals, that feeling only lasts for so long. Before I know it, I’m back to feeling like I’m not a good enough mom or homemaker and wondering if anyone sees the work I do, or if I’m actually doing anything of lasting importance. You see, I still need some sort of benchmark to help me know if I’m doing what a good mom should do. If it’s not about a Martha Stewart standard, then what is it about? 

So, here’s the type of post I think might be more helpful…

Stop worrying about being a Pinterest mom, and start worrying about being a Biblical mom. We need a standard, we crave a standard, but oftentimes we choose the wrong standard. At least, I know I do. The Pinterest mom dazzles me, and is relatively easy for me to study. She shows me pictures instead of words, and if I can somehow attain to her status I know that I will have the admiration of my peers (and husband!). 

But the Biblical mom, well, she can dazzle me too, if I take the time to sit and study her. She clothes herself with dignity. She laughs at the days to come, because her heart is resting in the rock of her salvation. She answers everyone (even her screaming 2 year old child) with a soft answer, sprinkled with mercy and wisdom. She strives to do good to her husband all the days of his life. She provides for her family with excellence, and she does all this with the strength of the Lord. 

You see, the Lord does not promise to give us wisdom and strength for Pinterest projects. So, when I try to make my life into that, and I fail or grow weary, there is no place for me to go for strength and then I spiral into discouragement over my “failures”. But the Lord does promise to give strength and wisdom for those good works that he has prepared for us to do, and that is good news, because to be a Biblical mom is substantially more difficult than being a Pinterest mom. 

So, don’t worry about a clean, beautiful home, or fancy meals, and super elaborate fun crafts with your kids every day. But do worry about a clean concience and a beautiful heart, and elaborate fun ways to communicate the truth of the gospel to your kids everyday. It is a higher standard we are called to, but along with that higher standard is a well-spring of grace more than sufficient to sustain us and allow us to end each day full of satisfaction that we were faithful to attain to the standard of God – and not that of the world. 


  1. Thanks! Great thoughts… Homemaking has been elevated to an unattainable art form and simultaneously a term of derision in our culture. Like you said, may we strive to emulate Proverbs 31 woman who lives for God and not just the Pinterest woman, who sees homemaking as a means to an end in itself… and yet let’s not devolve into bitter envy — deprecating the very godly women in our lives and the amazing things they do in their homes that we really deep down want to emulate as God calls us to be “keepers of the home”.

  2. Funny thing about this, if you focus on the higher, ultimate standard, then the beautiful home—the one that your husband says is home because you are there, the one that is calm and peaceful, and inviting because you make it so—it follows.
    And rafachey, spot on. Housewifery is elevated and derided at the same time.

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