In the Middle of the Chaos

I know I need to blog more. 

I know because, even though I never want to start (mostly because in the midst of my endless to do list, writing a blog seems like a pretty frivolous use of my time), once I start, I can hardly stop because I have so many thoughts and so many observations that it ends up being one big jumbled blog post with everything crammed into it and I realize that I just need to blog. I need to get it out. 

So, maybe I’ll break it up, write a few different posts for different days…for today…well, let’s just go with today. 

Today I…

Spent time with the Lord, and my two babies, at the same time. It was fun. Actually it was awesome. Picture this: as I’m reading Romans 6:12 Let not sin therefore reign in your mortal body, to make you obey its passions. my son is throwing himself on the floor because he wants to watch Super Why and I told him no. And I’m tempted to be impatient with him, because I don’t get how at 6:40am he’s already throwing a tantrum…but those precious words of scripture are right there, I just read them, and the power of the Holy Spirit came upon me in that very moment and I was able to say no to sin, no to selfishness, no to anger. I realized, that this is why my “quiet times” are now “crazy times”. 

You see, I just recently decided that instead of waiting for a time when everything was quiet and perfect (HA!) for me to spend time with the Lord, I was just going to do it every morning whether my kids were up or not. Because (especially with the time change) they just weren’t waking up at 7am like they used to, and so I was just not spending time with the Lord, and that just wasn’t good. 

So, I decided that even if I can only read one chapter (and that, interrupted) I was just going to do it. No matter what. My kids will survive me not giving them my full attention for 15 minutes. Now, of course, they are still being cared for…usually Jasmine is crawling around my bed (I read in my bed) and I’m trying to keep her from ripping the pages of my bible, and Samuel has brought a ball or one of his trucks and is sitting on the floor saying: “play with me, play with me mommy!” and I’m just there, reading, and praying, and then I put on a worship song, and we all sing together (and usually Jasmine and I dance). It’s absolutely nothing like what I thought “time with the Lord” is supposed to be…and to be honest, I hope it’s not always like this, but I love it, because it works. I finally found what works for me. To get scripture before my eyes, to put prayer on my lips, and fill my heart with music, I have to do it in the middle of the chaos. 


  1. Great blog post, very encouraging for all of us. I suspect God enjoys those quiet times best as they indicate your heart to be with Him and trust Him with your life.

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