My little girl is 7 months. We are entering into this delightful little stage I like to call: learn & conquer. It’s really one of my favorite baby stages. Of course babies (and kids) are always learning, but in this stage you can see it SO clearly! One day she’s trying to get a Cheerios that’s stuck to her hand in her mouth, the next day she’s expertly pinching it between her pointer and thumb and it goes right in.

Babies at this stage are relentless, she will not give up, no matter how huge the task seems, like learning how to crawl, or pull her entire body weight up by her arms to stand. She is determined to learn and conquer.

I am looking forward to seeing the monumental accomplishments she achieves between now and her 1st birthday. And of course I am inspired to push myself to do more as well.

Oh the lessons I am learning from my kids.

that right there is the look of pure determination

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