Focus and Finish

My son is the most wonderful 2 year old little boy on the planet. He is funny, so smart, and my little cuddle bug, but he is a boy, in every sense of the word. He runs full speed ahead. Nothing gets him more excited than seeing the garbage truck. Of course anytime I ask him to do something for me, I prepare myself for him to get distracted. Like when I ask him to take his shoes in his room and put them away. First he gets his shoes and tries to put the velcro on and off, on and off. Then I remind him again, and he says, “Oh! ok mommy!” and jumps up and runs to the room. A little while later I go in to see him playing with a puzzle, his shoes lying on the floor next to him. I remind him again, and he throws them into the appropriate bin, then gets them out and throws them in again, and again. He’s created a new game, who knows when he’ll finally be done putting the shoes away. So, my new mantra to him has been: “focus and finish”. 

Funny thing is, this is something I have trouble with myself. 

I miss a day working out, and I’m ready to give up. focus and finish

I decide to start a new project and things don’t immediately fall into place. focus and finish

There are so many distractions in my life…I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started this blog post and got interrupted by a cry or a spill or a book that needed to be read, or an owie that needed to be kissed. Focus is not something that I am naturally good at and it’s only gotten worse with kids. Distractions are inevitable and can’t be avoided, but what I do after the distraction is the deciding factor it seems. Am I able to regain focus, and finish. To stay the course and not give up?

Getting re-focused takes work, but without it I feel so lost. Doing chores around the house as I randomly see the need. Not having any clue what I’m making for dinner at 4pm each day and picking up KFC instead. It’s not awful to do these things, but for me…well lets just say, I can’t live like this…my lack of focus is becoming a problem.

So tonight, I am going to focus and finish. Making a meal plan and shopping list for the week, putting together a chore chart that I *hope* will work, and planning my week in such a way that I can have a little time to take care of myself as well as everyone else. It’s not going to be easy, but thankfully I’ll have a sweet little boy to remind me to focus and finish. 


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