Today I…

Woke up later than my alarm, but before my kids.
Took time to seek the Lord, and He met me.
Got my babies up, changed diapers and clothes.
It was yogurt and bananas for breakfast for them. Eggs, sausage, and toast for me.
I watched Samuel’s favorite Sesame Street episode, the one about the robots.
Tried to download pictures from his birthday party and brush my teeth, but the pictures took forever!
Planned meals for the week, and put together a grocery list.
Cleaned kitchen so Samuel and I could make cookies together. (which is synonymous with making an even bigger mess)
Made cookies, put away some laundry, nursed Jasmine. Cleaned up an accident my son had in his room.
Took both kids to the park.
Lunch for everyone and down for naps, but not without a significant discipline session because Samuel wanted to play drums and watch Phineas and Ferb instead.

I have on no make up, my shirt is covered in Jasmine’s teething biscuit, my kitchen is still a wreck from the cookies and there are piles of dirt that I’ve swept but not vacuumed yet.

I feel like I’ve barely made a dent in my to do list and am still recovering from Samuel’s party on Saturday.

Life is not perfect or easy, but it’s good. I am reading this book by Rachel Jankovic called: Loving the Little Years: Motherhood in the Trenches. Oh! How it encourages me and gives me wisdom.

Hearing her accounts and struggles helps me to not feel so alone and reminds me that it is possible to have joy and faith in the midst of the intense battle of mothering little ones 🙂

I am doing a great work, I am loving them, teaching them right from wrong, showing them how to cling to Christ in the midst of crazy circumstances, and hopefully one day, when they are grown and we are just friends walking with Christ together, I will be able to encourage them to find joy in their little ones.

No make up, no filter, just me and my little one on a normal day.

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