I’ve always cared about being healthy. But caring about it, and actually being healthy are two different things. I care about being healthy when it’s convenient to me. Recently, with the move and two kids, eating healthy hasn’t been so convenient…in fact, eating period hasn’t been so convenient. 

I’ve been making a pattern of barely eating throughout the day, wanting to get things done during the kids nap (which is from 12-2) instead of making myself a good healthy lunch and sitting down and eating it. I’ve been grabbing a few handfuls of goldfish while I vaccume, or eating the other half of my son’s PB&J as I fold some laundry. I was doing ok with dinners, I needed to cook for my husband and kids, so I would take time to make it nutritious and substantial, but one good meal a day was not cutting it.

For the past few weeks I’ve been extremely exhausted and in a haze. Not able to think clearly and plan and execute things like I’m used to. The exhaustion was zapping all of my motivation to do anything. I knew thatmy poor diet was contributing to this, especially when I watched the documentary “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”. I realized that beyond simply not being enough calories – goldfish and peanut butter and jelly just didn’t have enough nutrients to fuel a healthy body. That was wake up call #1.

Then this past week I was blessed with two incredibly intense migraines. That was wake up call #2. 

Yesterday was the biggest wake up call of all – I took my 6 month old daughter to the doctor and instead of gaining weight in the past two months, she’s lost almost a full pound. She is exclusively breast fed and I was ashamed that my desire to “be productive” was harming my little girl.

The doctor told me that beyond my own caloric requirements I need to add 50% more to maintain good breast milk. So, that’s it. No matter how ‘inconvenient’ eating healthy is, I am starting to see that part of my job is to eat healthy so that I can nourish my daughter, and care for both of my kids, because migraines make that almost impossible.

So far here’s my strategy: Increase my fruit and vegetable intake. I have been playing a game to see how many fruits and vegetables I can fit into each meal. Breakfast is a strange one, because I’ve never thought of eating veggies for breakfast, but it’s fun to see in what creative ways I can fit veggies in. (Zucchini pancakes anyone?) It’s been a challenge, even from day one (which was yesterday). It took me so long to make lunch, that by the time I had finished my daughter had awoken from her nap. But, it’s worth it.

So, here I go, on my journey to stop simply caring about being healthy, but to actually be healthy and start living well. Step two will include finding a way to work out – a seemingly impossible task with a husband who leaves for work at 5:30am and two kids who are quickly moving to opposite nap schedules, but I’m realizing that if I pursue this baby steps at a time, I think I can get there. 

Here’s that zucchini pancake recipe I was telling you about. I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks pretty amazing. Image



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