Next conf mis-mash

I’m 3 sessions in at the Very Last Next conference in Orlando, FL.

Conferences are very hard to blog, so I’m kind of not really going to try. I just feel like putting a mis-mash of thoughts up here and hopefully they will spark a desire in you to listen to the messages, or at least take some time to think through the topic for yourself. The topic is: You and Your Church.

aaaaaand go….

When thinking of my local church, I never thought through how God sees Palm Vista. What are his affections and plans and dreams and intentions for Palm Vista? Never. But now I’ve begun to, and I hope to continue.

God’s desire for the church is to dwell with his people. He wants to dwell with us!!! Incredible.

So when I go to church I’m not just going because I like church, or it’s good for me, I’m going because that’s where God is and he wants to dwell with me.

Church membership is a blood bought privilege. The greatest earthly privilege and honor one can receive.

The church is the place where we can get a taste of heaven on earth. If I don’t care for or desire to gather with my church, it reveals that I am not really that hungry or desirous for heaven.

(more to come)

A few of us discussing the messages

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