Last week was a super challenging week, and I cannot say I handled it well. When Mother’s Day came around I didn’t feel like I deserved all the kind words, cards and presents. But something else came to me on Mother’s Day, refreshment.

I had a conversation with another young mother who is working and going to school and doesn’t see her 9 month old daughter until 8pm. I realized that as draining and difficult as my week had been, I have the incredible privilege to be with them all the time. To celebrate their every victory and to help them through the difficult times.

I also have the best husband in the world who not only made me some insane pancakes for breakfast, but reminded me what mothering is about: laying down my life, taking up my cross and imaging Christ. It’s not about creating perfectly obedient kids, having a beautifully spotless home, and enjoying a few minutes of quiet “me time” while the kids nap (none of which happened last week).

So I started this week much more refreshed and thankful for my role and life calling.

Whatever my lot (sick, clingy, cranky children included) thou hast taught me to say, it is well with my soul.

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