Jasmine Desiree

I would like to introduce everyone to my daughter: Jasmine Desiree. 

Her middle name is my mom’s name and it has been my prayer that she grows up to be, in as many ways possible, just like her grandmother. Here are some similarities so far:

She is sweet: from the very first week of her life I noticed a sweetness and gentleness that was distinct and beautiful – very much like my mom, whose speech, actions and very life oozes a sweet gentleness more than anyone I have ever known. 

She is good at everything she does: which right now includes eating, sleeping, rolling around, cuddling, and being cute. My mom has  ridiculous talent, basically she is good at everything: dancing, cooking, writing decorating, homeschooling, planing, organizing, counseling, sports, and any type of game.

She’s tough: with an older brother like Samuel, this is a huge blessing. I can’t tell you how many times he has brutalized her and she doesn’t even cry! My mom is also tough. She looks at things that would scare most people and stares them down, she doesn’t back down, she pushes forward, always forward, no matter what.

So far, those are the similarities, but as she grows I hope and pray I see so many more. My mom’s humility, her love for the arts, her creativity, her discipline, the thoughtful purpose with which she lives her life. A faithful wife and loving mother, a godly woman, an example to many, the BEST grandmother…and so much more. 

I love you mom, your life will touch generations to come – and we are blessed because of that. Image


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