How to Strengthen Your Marriage (even if you’re not married yet)

I had been hearing a lot about Mars Hill’s marriage series entitled “Real Marriage” so I decided to give it a listen. So far, I’ve only listened to 1 1/2 of the messages (and I’ve been trying to listen to them for about a week…ahhh such is my life) but it has inspired me and challenged me to put my marriage back as the priority that it should be.

This series was actually their Sunday morning sermon series and the entire church, married and single, went through the material. I thought that was kind of brilliant. So, even if you’re not married, I would encourage you to give it a listen. Marriage is just a friendship, and there really aren’t many messages on what biblical friendship is, message #2 tackles this issue and (so far) has kind of given me a great new perspective on friendships of all kinds.

The second thing I would recommend, is this fun little app…I think it’s just called “Love”. It’s advertised as “The best romantic app to maintain a healthy relationship with your significant other”, not sure if that’s true. However, there are some great romance and date night ideas.

I did one yesterday, and it actually blessed my husband so much more than I thought it would. All I did was take a deck of cards and wrote one thing I love about my husband on each one. Simple, but he was super impacted by it.

So, go – listen to Real Marriage and get some great ideas from the Love app! You won’t regret it.

Real Marriage Messages
Love app 

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