Edith lives just down the street.
Her husband and son died the same year…five years ago.
We see her taking her daily walk and sometimes visit her to throw bread at the ducks in her backyard.
She loves Jesus and sings about Him all day long.
She’s always feeding me and the kids…whatever she has.
She has only the kindest things to say about people.
Her home is filled with mismatched gifts and trinkets.
She is well loved.
She tithes 20% of her small social security income because “Jesus has given me so much”

I want to be an Edith one day.


  1. Yes! It is people like edith that remainds me of what is truly important in life….and none of those have to do with money, name or knowledge. I do too want to be like that….it is a long journey but we do it in His grace 😉

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