Getting through the day

Being a stay at home mom is hard…Not in the way that manual labor is hard, or trying to study for a test is hard. Being a mom is hard because you never stop being a mom. There’s not one moment when you’re not needed for something, and when you have more than one child sometimes you’re needed for two (or more) somethings at the same time. It’s taxing and exhausting because it just doesn’t stop – ever. And, sometimes it’s boring… and that’s what makes it hard. Like trying to stay focused and excited to build a tower of blocks for the 20th time because it’s challenging and super exciting to your little one. But you look at the clock and it’s still 2 hrs until nap time and you wonder – “how much longer can I sit here and build a block tower?”

And sometimes it is hard because you are studying every book and blog you can, to figure out the answer to a problem, like how to help my baby sleep, or get the right nutrition, or if I should be worried about that strange birth mark. 

And sometimes it’s hard because you know that if you mess up, it’s not just a project that will suffer, but a person, a person you love more than you ever thought you could love anyone. It’s like the stress a doctor has, when there’s someone’s life in their hands, but YOU have no machines, nursing staff, or years of study, and you never get to go home and rest…it’s 24/7.

It’s hard in many other ways, but just like everyone else who has hard jobs (which is mostly everyone) I do have my little things I do (or try to do) to make it through the day – with as much sanity as I can.

#1 – try to wake up before they do. My kids get up at 6:30am, so this is really hard to do, especially when I’ve been nursing through the night, but if I can just get up before they do and just have half an hour to myself to listen to a worship song, review my scripture verse I’m memorizing, and brush my teeth it makes a world of difference. (My son always seems to make the biggest messes when I’m putting on my contacts! how does he know?)

#2 – Take a walk/Get outside – The kids need it and mommy needs it. The walls of the house can feel like they are caving in, especially when there are dishes piled in the sink and toys everywhere, but when we get outside into the fresh air, walk briskly and get our blood pumping I automatically feel better. 

#3 – Text message – I need to know that there are people out there, real people. I need to joke with them, ask them how their day is going, and what they’re making for dinner. I would put phone calls here, but phone calls with two kids – ha! that’s a funny joke. 

#4 – Prayer – Of course I can’t close my eyes (destruction really does happen in the blink of an eye) but even just telling the Lord “Help, this is beyond me.” or “Please drive out the demons that seem to be possessing my 2 year old son” (I’m joking, he has no demons…I think). Or even just “Thank you Lord for loving me when I do nothing to deserve it, help me to love like you do.” 

I’m sure there are more (like this blog, going on dates with my husband, goldfish, and Elmo) but my son has opened an umbrella and is running through the house singing “It’s raining!! ….old man snoring!” so, until next time – here’s to getting through the day!

(btw – I LOVE being a stay at home mom, and I hope this post didn’t come across as complaining – it is the best job on earth!)



  1. Well put Ness, and it’s encouraging to know I’m not the only one who feels that way (can I really play this game for 2 more hours till her nap!?), lol. You are an amazing mom and one who I learn from every day! The sacrifices are worth it!! Love you 😀

  2. this is great Vanessa…’ve got a good head on your shoulders, knowing to take time to yourself, knowing that the job is hard, but it is worth the journey…..many would benefit from this post, many feel trapped and isolated……As we start “all over” again it is good to be refreshed by your words:):)

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