Instant Gratification

This morning I planted, what I hope will become, a beautiful purple flowering butterfly bush. Right now it looks like a bunch of roots growing a stick. This afternoon I went outside to see if anything had happened. Maybe I would find something green and new….anything. But of course, plants don’t grow in a few hours.

I’m not the most patient person, and I get easily discouraged when things take time. Looking at that “stick” it takes faith to believe that it’s going to grow into a beautiful bush. But not just faith, faith and patience. I can have faith in the short run, but to have faith AND patience, that’s something I struggle with.

So, when I look at the way I love my husband, and I feel discouraged because of how many times I fail – faith and patience. When I discipline my son for the 6th time in one day for the same thing – faith and patience. When I see my friend battling a sickness that makes her suffer every day all day for years – faith and patience.

The flower will bloom one day, even if right now it doesn’t look to good.



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