Imagination Challenge


Two weeks ago my dad preached a message on Ephesians 3:20-21 entitled “The Power and Glory of God”. One of his main points was: “God will do greater things than we can even imagine”. So, I have a challenge to you: imagine. Imagine the most amazing things that you would long in the depths of your soul to see happen, then pray. Ask our great God to do great things.

Don’t limit yourself, don’t edit yourself by what you can conceive of being possible or impossible, just imagine and ask. To imagine properly, you have to imagine in detail. For example, one of my little desires is to have at our church (and beyond) a community of artists. I want us to collaborate and engage with each other and the culture. I want to put on shows where we exhibit one person’s charcoal drawings, while featuring another’s original compositions. I can see it in my mind. I can see the power of art, something that can move the soul in a way words never could, being used to enlarge our vision of Christ. I can imagine the freedom and joy of those who have felt that their artistic passion and their love for Christ were either at odds with each other or incompatible, discovering that it is quite the opposite. And then seeing what they do with that freedom!

And that’s just one of my many, many imaginations. So, what do you imagine?


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