Before and Afters

Many of you have been following through facebook – the saga of the renovation of our home. And even though I’ve already posted most of these photos on facebook, the before and after is pretty drastic.

I’ve been thinking about the fact that Jesus has gone to the Father to prepare a place for us. A new home. And not only that, but he take us – broken as we are, and makes us into a dwelling place for himself. This truth has taken on new meaning for me with our own “preparations”. Preparing a place, a home, is no small thing. There are so many details to consider – what type of flooring, what type of ceiling, what type of wall colors, what type of lighting. And it’s especially challenging when you don’t have a clean slate to work with, but a very disgusting slate instead. I’m humbled to think that Jesus is preparing a place so perfect for me and is designing it and putting his time, energy, and treasure into this…because He loves me. I’m also humbled to think that He has taken my disgusting heart and is working day and night to make it into a beautiful dwelling for Himself.

I know, I mixed metaphors and it’s very confusing, but hopefully at least one of them make sense.

And….on to the photos.

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