No Excuses

Well, we’ve moved, Jasmine is *mostly* sleeping through the night, and life is returning to somewhat of a normalness. So, this blog must come back to life. No excuses.

I was just thinking over this whole huge, house renovation process that we’ve been through, and wondering what exactly God was trying to teach me. There were tons of little lessons…like the time we lost our mortgage payment paper and our check book during the move so we had to call in our mortgage payment the day it was due. I call that “The Lesson of Keeping Track of Important Papers”.  Then there was the day of the move when I ordered TONS of pizza for everyone who was helping us, only to have my husband walk in with 7 pizzas in his hand. I call that “The Lesson of Communicating With Your Husband”. And of course, the time when I was still feeding many times through the night, and working at the house until 12am every night, and pushed myself so much that I got super sick and got both of my kids sick as well. “The Lesson of Resting When You Need to Rest” will not soon be forgotten (I hope).

But apart from all these little lessons, I wondered what would be the primary lesson? Of course, we’re still kind of in the midst of finishing up the renovations and I’m sure I can’t see perfectly clearly God’s plan from this trial, but at this point in time I would say the biggest lesson for me was this: I can endure and persist through things much bigger than I ever thought I could.

I am easily intimidated. By people, big projects, and curveballs. I feel like I look at myself and think “I could never do that, or endure that, or accomplish that”. And, in some sense it’s true…I’m weak. But I forget to look at Christ! I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! I can have my second child 17 months after my first, naturally, while living in my mother in law’s house for 6 months, and renovate a home all at the same time. Was it rainbows and fairy dust? Did I have the best attitude all the time? Did our renovation go perfectly? Is our home a perfect HGTV house? No, no and no, but we made it. And more than that, our marriage is still strong, our kids are still alive (and I think they still love us), I don’t hate my mother in law (and I think she would say the same) and our house is beautiful. God can do infinitely more than we could ask or imagine, and big trials…they don’t have to scare me.

Seeing this house that we’ve transformed from unlivable to practically my dream home gives me faith…greater things are still to come, but only to those who have faith to say – I can do that, with Christ by my side, I can do that, It’s not going to be easy, but here I am Lord send me. No more excuses.Image


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