Vacations with Kids

Last night was Happy New Year – and my two year old decided to stay up for it. Where she got all this energy, I have no idea. We’ve been hiking and ice skating and playing non-stop. But, she did it, and then proceeded to ride the adrenaline high all the way to 2am. Yes, Read More

Baking With Kids (Without Losing Your Mind!)

It’s that picture perfect ideal we have in our minds: rolling pin in hand, flour artfully dusted all over our counter tops, our children’s smiling faces, eager to help us cut out adorable little gingerbread men. The reality however, is not always so picturesque. There are eggs cracked on the floor, I need an ingredient Read More

Smells and Spaces: Christmas Traditions

When you think back to your childhood Christmas, what are your dearest memories? For me it’s my grandmother’s Italian cookies, my mom’s vintage white porcelain nativity set with a pearlized glaze. It’s driving down that one street in our neighborhood that got LIT UP. It’s the smell of the Douglas Fir my dad always got Read More

The Joy of Giving

It’s that time of year when we give more gifts in a smaller amount of time than any other. If you are like me, it’s both a wonderful time (especially when the gifts seem effortless to give and the person so well deserving of some love and appreciation) and a stressful time (when the gifts Read More

Salt Dough Ornaments

Last year I went all out and created 25 activities for the month of December and it was AMAZING! (You can read about it HERE) This year – with the kids being in school and there being less space in our adorable little apartment, I’m toning it down a little. But, come on guys, it’s Read More

My Fall Capsule (2018)

Every fall I take the time to update and refresh my wardrobe. There are great sales, great new styles, and I can take the time to see what I’m no longer wearing or liking or is fitting me well, and make some updates. First let me start with my staples, and then I’ll share some Read More

The Power of Rhythms

One of my favorite aspects of the Charlotte Mason method of education (the method that I prefer to use and align with the most) is the focus on creating habits and rhythms to the day, week and month. Not just for the children, but for the mother as well (this concept can even serve you Read More

The Heart of a Homeschooler

We recently transitioned from a homeschooling family to putting our kids in school this year. (You can read more about it here). It was a difficult transition for me, there was so much about homeschooling that I loved and I was sad to give it up. However, I was shocked to find that MANY of Read More

Finances and Freedom in the Gospel

Finances. The simplest thing in the world. When you earn money: add. When you spend money: subtract. Don’t spend more money than you earn. Simple. Finances. The most complicated thing in the world. The worth of a man to provide. The way affection is expressed. The security we crave. The craving to always want more. Read More

Refining How I Let my Kids Fail

I love failure. You would be hard pressed to find someone who loves failure as much as I do. I mean… I hate it, just like everyone else, when I fall short and mess up, but I’ve learned to see it as a beautiful thing. I read a fabulous book a few years ago called Read More