Where Does Confidence Come From?

What creates confidence? What takes it away? Are some born with a larger measure and others born with less? Courage or the lack thereof is a result of self talk. Courage is a feeling, and our feelings are a result of what we believe is true about the world and about ourselves. When we believe, Read More

Setting Goals as a Mom

Hi, I’m Vanessa, and I’m an overachiever. I was always told that my overachiever-ness was a character flaw. That deep down I was trying to impress others and get approval from them instead of God. But now I’m older and wiser and I know that’s not it at all. I’m an overachiever because I just Read More

Creating a Life-giving Morning Ritual

Why do we love mornings? It’s a fresh new start. There’s hope. A sun rises. The potential is exhilarating. We have awoken to a brand new 24 hours in which we can do almost anything!! Why do we hate mornings? Not enough sleep. All we can see are the troubles. Nothing in the day ahead Read More

24 Days of Holiday Activities

I LOOOOOOOOVE Christmas. It’s just, the best. All the little things are my favorite. The decorating, the smells, the music, the baking the lights, the candles, picking out the perfect gifts. Having kids takes it to a whole other level. Their excitement and wonder is infectious, but, as with most things that are done with Read More

Permission to Complain

  One of my friends recently took a “no complaining” challenge. She laughed as she told us how many sentences she started with: “I’m not complaining, but….” during that time. It’s so easy to complain. But, what IS complaining? It’s sharing frustration at something that is not right. In this fallen world, there is SO Read More

Vegan and Non-Vegan Meal Planning

I have been eating a more plant-based diet for a few months now. Whenever I stray from it, I feel awful and when I am filling my body with plants I feel amazing. That being said, my husband and kids are not on the same track with me, and that’s fine. I am trying to Read More

How to Go Clothing Shopping and Not Hate it

The very title of this blog post was difficult for me to even write. Memories going back to my teenage years come flooding into my mind. Going to the mall with my mom, ending up in tears and getting into a few fights along the way. Clothing is a tricky thing. It’s something we have Read More

How to be an Annoying Beachbody Coach

Are you wondering if being a Beachbody Coach is something that might be right for you? Are you concerned about alienating your friends and family or turning into one of those spammy multi-level marketers? I totally get it. One of the biggest reasons I was nervous to sign up as a coach was because I Read More